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We have provided a lot of timber flooring in the Brisbane area. Whether you are using pine or hardwood flooring, the fundamentals for making your floor the envy of your Brisbane neighbours are the same.

How to Get Your Timber Floors Sparkling


You will need a floor sander for the main surface and an edge sander for the edges. We recommend sanding the floor with four different grits: 40, 60, 80 and 120. Be sure to protect your ears and wear a mask while using the sander.

To begin, lean the sander back until the disc is not touching the floor, then turn it on. Lower the sander disc slowly onto the floor and keep it moving forward at all times. When the sander is touching the floor, do not go backwards or stop. Always lean the sander back to lift the disc off of the floor.

Timber oils can clog sandpaper, so be sure to intermittently sprinkle kerosene on the floor in front of the sander. After sanding with 40 grit, check for exposed nail holes. If you find any, fix them with matching timber putty. Let it sit for 30 minutes before sanding with the 60 grit. The 80 grit will be optional.


You can choose between a polyurethane finish and an oil-based resin finish. The polyurethane is superior for hardness and the amount of protection they provide to the timber, but the fumes from polyurethane are more dangerous than the fumes from oil-based resin. There are three grades of finish: gloss, semi-gloss and matt.

First, use a cloth and methylated spirits to remove the oils that sanding has brought to the surface. Then, apply a coat: edges first and then use a roller for the rest of the floor, rolling with the wood grain. Let it dry for eight hours.

Sand with 120 grit sandpaper and apply another coat. Let it dry overnight. You may or may not want to add a third coat.

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