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The business of timber sales is always supposed to be ethical. In Brisbane, we are subject to the National Forest Policy Statement of 1992, a national government which provides for ethical and sustainable management of timber. The Queensland Government site has a page dedicated to responsible forest management. It supplies the standards that we are all supposed to abide by.

The Queensland Government also provided the timber industry with the Code of Practice for Native Forest Timber Production on State Lands 2007. This sets the regulations out for all to see and makes it easy to abide by the rules. We would like to cover a few basic rules for you.

Forest Management - Ethically Sourced Timber

Harvesting: an Overview

Harvesting timber in state native forestries is restricted to what is defined as “state forest area.” These areas are constantly maintained and monitored, resulting in new areas being approved after old areas are harvested. Harvesting is done by what is called a “selective process.”

Trees are selected and harvested in a way that the forest will naturally regenerate itself. This is accomplished by only removing a part of the trees in any given area. This allows the trees to grow back naturally while protecting watercourses and habitat trees. The local species shed seeds, which land in spaces where trees have been harvested. Many species grow back with no assistance whatsoever.

Queensland has seven popular native commercial species: blackbutt, forest red gum, gray ironbark, narrow leaved red ironbark, gympie messmate, spotted gum and white cypress pine.

Harvesting Standards

Harvesting is done according to the Queensland regulations and with the Australian Forestry Standard AS4708-2007. Protection is afforded for habitats, endangered species, soil properties, water quality, as well as ecological processes. In addition, indigenous interests and cultural values are protected, including traditional and cultural customs. Economic and social values including dust and noise nuisance are also taken into consideration.

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