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Ecological Biodiversity and What it Means to You

Long before we were timber suppliers, long before Brisbane and Sydney were major cities, we had abundant biodiversity, sustainable land management and world class fire management protocols. So, what happened? How did we fast forward to today, where bushfires are a constant threat, deforestation is rampant and more species become endangered every day?

Basically, we introduced plants and animals to the ecosystem that would overrun much of our native species. Then, our population grew and we had to clear out a lot of the land to build cities and then suburbs. Of course, we needed a lot more land to feed ourselves as we grew.

At this point, we have rendered a majority of our small, ground-dwelling mammals extinct, including the brush-tailed bettong, the numbat and the bilby. Eventually, we would have legislation to fight the march toward extinction for many more species. This is called “Tenure-based legislation” and is more of a legal concept than a process. As a result, our public native forests are classified as either Crown Land, State Forests, or National Parks.

Sometimes, though, the legislation is a confusing web of rules that seem to contradict each other and have various agencies fighting for jurisdiction. For example, NSW have twelve government agencies, five state ministerial portfolios and approximately 50 acts of Parliament governing their forests.

Other than a bit less harvesting of timber, legislation hasn’t changed a lot in many of our forests.

Why Timber Suppliers Care

At Narangba Timbers, we are deeply committed to obtaining timber from sustainable sources, as locally as possible. When plantation timber is done right, it doesn’t ruin the habitat or home of an entire species of animal. All harvested timber is replanted, keeping our ecosystem in balance.

As timber suppliers, we want to provide high quality timber at low prices. But we don’t want to kill off entire species of plants and animals to do it. We don’t want to contribute to climate change, either. We just want to live, let live and leave a better world for our children and grandchildren.

And that’s why you should care, too. To learn more, call Narangba Timbers today on 1300 477 024.