If you have timber decking at your Brisbane area home or are planning on building a timber deck, it is important that you know how to maintain it correctly. If you build a timber deck well enough, it’s like adding living space to your home, but outdoors. While a timber deck is made to withstand the weather, it will need some basic maintenance if you want it to serve you well, look great and last a long time.

Maintaining Timber Decking in Brisbane Area

Timber Decking Maintenance Tips: the Do’s

Give your deck a thorough cleaning once a year. It needs to be exfoliated so the protective sealers on the coating can seep deeper into the timber. We suggest a dry spring day for your annual deep cleaning. Use a sprayer or roller to apply a deck cleaning solution that kills bacteria and mould. Rinse with a garden hose with a nozzle that will provide some pressure, but not like a high pressure washer.

Before you begin, cover any shrubbery or plants with a tarp to protect them from the chemicals in the deck cleaner. Make sure to drape it in a way that allows air to circulate.

If you are applying a sealant to your deck, be sure to sand it first. This will help keep it from warping, cupping or cracking.

Keep your deck free of debris. Sweep often, not only for dirt but to sweep rainwater off of the deck. If you find any damage to your deck, fix it ASAP. This includes loose or rotten planks, loose nails and irregular, soft or splintering spots.

Timber Decking Maintenance: the Don’ts

Most of the don’ts have to do with the materials and chemicals you may be tempted to use on your deck. Don’t use a power washer because they are so strong they can damage the finish. Don’t ever use chlorine bleach because this will “bleach” the timber and rob it of its natural colour.

Don’t use paint as a sealant; It would take too long to fully explain why. Suffice to say that it will not give you the results you want and it will be more trouble than it’s worth.

Don’t use natural materials to put under furniture. They are soft and will absorb water. This helps mould and mildew flourish.

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