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Don’t Make These Timber Decking Mistakes

Timber decking is one of our favourite DIY projects. We have helped many of our Brisbane neighbours build timber decks that they can be proud of. There is nothing like relaxing on a timber deck that you built yourself. If you build them correctly, they can provide many years of relaxation for you.

But there are some crucial mistakes that can derail your project and spoil your timber deck. Here are some crucial mistakes you can’t afford to make with your timber deck.

Failure to Obtain Permits

Before you start, check with your neighbourhood and council to make sure it is legal to build a timber deck for your home. Obtain the proper permits. You don’t want to build a great timber deck, only to have to tear it down or pay a fine because you didn’t do your homework first.

Failure to Use Timber Post Stirrups

When you set timber posts directly into concrete, they aren’t protected as well as you think. Concrete lets in moisture that can rot your posts. Use post stirrups to keep your posts safe and above ground. They will last longer.

Not Using Galvanised Steel Hardware

If you don’t use galvanised steel hardware, your deck is not safe. Non-galvanised hardware can erode and help erode the timber. Galvanised steel is more expensive, but it is definitely worth it.

Wrong Choice of Timber Species

Always use hardwood planks and boards. Treated softwood works for posts and rails, but not for planks and boards. We are partial to merbau timber, but we have plenty of Australian hardwood species that will make your timber decking a success.

Miscellaneous Mistakes

Other mistakes: not measuring properly, not installing every component straight, stairs that are dangerously small and failure to adhere to code in guardrails and hand rails.

Ready for a Timber Decking Project?

Call the decking timber experts at Narangba Timbers. We have the wealth of knowledge about timber decking to make your project a success. Not only do we have the best customer service in the business, we have plans available online and a display deck to show you how the finished product will look. You can see for yourself how each piece of hardware, each timber species and each finish looks.

Call us today on 1300 477 024.