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Do You Need a Carport? Build it Yourself.

If you are thinking about a carport, it is one of the easiest projects for DIYers. Our timber sales professionals have helped a lot of your neighbours in the Brisbane and Sydney areas build carports as their first major DIY projects.

Carports are often used for a family with a one-car garage but has two cars. They can also be used for a boat or a motorhome. Another emerging use for a carport is a covered outdoor entertainment area. You can put something as simple as a picnic table, a grill and a couple of outdoor speakers under a carport and use it for alfresco living.

What You Need: the Basics

The first thing you will probably need is approval from your local council. Always check with your council before starting any project. In addition, you may need permission from your community if you live in a planned land estate. Always get permission first. We know of cases where people have finished projects without checking first and had to tear them down or pay a fine.

The next order of business is to choose the timber you need. Most of the timber that is holding up the roof will be protected from the elements by the roof. You will need to protect the end grain of beams and rafters, but this can be done by design detail and a protective coating. This combination of factors allows you to use any timber graded for structural use.

However, the structural elements that extend to the ground will be fully exposed to the elements and will need to be stronger. You should use timber that is either marked as “durable” or “moderately durable.” Treated timber rated H3 for hazards is another alternative.

You will need the following tools: nail punch, hammer, saw, carpenter’s metre square, tape measure, spanners, tin snips, drill & bits, line level & string line, spirit level and pencil.

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