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DIY Hardwood Flooring Maintenance

How to make your hardwood flooring the envy of your Brisbane and Sydney neighbours. Hint: it’s easier than you think.

Hardwood flooring has really caught on in across Australia, and for a good reason. There is nothing that adds a touch of warmth to a home like a timber floor. The look of woodgrain is especially pleasant in combination with sliding glass doors and large windows, where it can make you feel like you are bringing nature indoors.

A well-constructed, well-maintained wood floor is much more durable and easier to keep clean than carpet or tile. Timber can be stained or it can be left in its natural state, which is becoming a trend, not only in Brisbane and Sydney, but across Australia. This is quite apropos because hardwood flooring is a “green” or eco-friendly choice of flooring material.

The only “drawback” with timber floors is that they must be properly maintained. Luckily, it isn’t all that difficult and the reward is a solid, eco-friendly and aesthetically-pleasing floor that lasts for years. Here are the basics of keeping your flooring as good as new.

Protecting Your Wood

No matter how strong the hardwood timber and how great of a job you have done on the finish, you need to protect it from damage during day to day use. Damage can come from direct sunlight, sand, dirt and spills of liquids or foods. Hardwood flooring also needs to be protected from things like stiletto heels, animal claws and furniture.

Rubber protectors on furniture legs

This is an easy way to keep furniture from damaging your floor.

Wipe all spills immediately

Don’t give liquids or food enough time to work its way into your flooring. The less time food or beverages spend on your floor, the better.

Avoid soap, water and harsh cleaners

Talk to your timber provider about what cleaners are appropriate for your particular finish and wood species.

Polish your floor regularly

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