3 mm – builders often use a nail as a spacer.

The maximum permitted spacing is 450 mm, centre to centre.  

It always faces down. It is there to create airflow between the joist and deck and stops debris and water collecting in grooves, reducing decay in the decking.  

Three. Coat the decking before laying – faces and edges and ends – to reduce cupping.  

There is no easy answer to this question. We have a large range of decking timbers and the one that is right for you will be the one that has the colour and grain that you’re after, and the one that is best for your location. For that reason we have built a Decking Showroom, so you can see each of the timbers in an actual deck – why not drop by to see for yourself? 

Most lengths are from 2.4 m to 6 m are available in treated pine. Hardwood decking is usually only supplied in random lengths, ranging from 1.8 m to 5.4 m.  

We are happy to provide a quote over the phone, by email, or in person at Narangba.  

The Narangba Timbers staff are experts in timber – especially decks. We are on hand to help you to choose the right materials for your project.  

While we stock timber for flooring, decking, fencing, framework, landscaping and cladding, we also stock the hardware and building supplies needed to complete your timber deck, like cement, screws and decking oil.  

We have constructed a Decking Showroom the is ideal to see the different type of decking timbers we stock.

Definitely! You can phone your order through to us on 1300 477 024. You can also email us on sales@narangbatimbers.com.au

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Well what are you waiting for then? Go ahead and get those goodies for your next project!

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