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DIY Decking - Should You Give It a Go?

Besides being an excellent space for entertaining and relaxing, a deck can add value and beauty to a home.

There are various deck styles to choose from, depending on your personal preference and the contour of your land.

Timber is the ideal product from which to construct your deck as it looks great (painted or stained), is durable and long lasting, is easy to work with and is cost effective versus alternative products.

In terms of the choices of timber for your deck you can use hardwood (which is more durable) or softwood (which reduces your cost).

Additional building supplies to complete the job will include; nails, screws, bolts, paint, decking oils, gate frames, drill bits, concrete products, connector plates, stirrups, and hoop iron.

Once you have all the needed building supplies, you can follow the steps below to construct an outdoor deck that you and your family will enjoy for a very long time and will add value to your property.

Step 1: Make Sure You Have a Plan

There are factors to consider before you can reach out for the hammer and start the construction. Some of these factors include; getting council approval and coming up with an overall design that will not interfere with existing pipes and cables.

You can view our DIY timber decking page which as multiple resources to help you plan your project.

Step 2: Setting Out Your Deck

At this phase, you have already come up with an effective plan. So, the next thing is moving on to set out your deck. This phase is a vital stage, as every measurement has to be correct if you do not want a poor result.

We have a list of how to guides here to help you measure your project.

Step 3: Installation of the Stumps, Bearers, and Joists

Here is where the building phase begins. It all starts by laying out a firm foundation with stumps and bearers.

After the stumps and bearers are in place, install the joists to support the decking board.

Step 4: Laying the Deck

Laying the decking boards is the final step after the deck frame is successfully installed.

After that step is complete you can paint or stain your deck, then crank up the barbie and invite your friends to share in the fun.

Contact us today for timber for your next DIY decking project on 1300 477 024.