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If you are looking for timber flooring in the Brisbane area, you have come to the right place. We have an extensive selection of hardwood flooring in different shades of blonde, brown and red. Here are the basics of choosing timber flooring from Narangba Timbers.

Particleboard Flooring

Particleboard flooring is the substrate layer of your floor. While some sites recommend three layers of floor, you can have a high quality floor with just two layers if you are using high quality particleboard flooring for the substrate layer.

Our particleboard flooring consists of extra fine timber particles. Moisture resistant wax and resin are used to bond and seal the particleboard. The result is a solid layer to which you can nail your hardwood T&G boards.

Different Varieties of Timber Flooring

Hardwood T&G Flooring

Hardwood T&G flooring is going to be the part of the floor that contacts your feet. It is also the part of the floor you will see. T&G or “tongue and groove” is a design that helps the boards connect to each other and provides more stability. Here are some different varieties.


Cypress is part of the pine family and is therefore a “softwood.” However, it is harder than some hardwoods. This makes it suitable for timber flooring. Its unique honey and cream colour with dark knots and streaks provides a unique appearance.

Blonde Hardwoods

Blonde hardwoods can be left as they are but they also provide a neutral background for stains of any colour. They include: Australian Beech, Blackbutt, Messmate, New England Oak, Stringybark and Tasmanian Oak.

Brown Hardwoods

Brown hardwoods can be light brown or deep brown. There is enough variation that you can choose any of these to use with a clear finish. They include: Brush Box, Ironbark, Spotted Gum, Tallowwood and Turpentine.

Red Hardwoods

Red hardwoods are among the most beautiful for timber flooring. They include: Blue Gum, Forest Reds, Ironbark, Flooded Gum and Red Mahogany.

Call the Timber Flooring Experts in Brisbane

To learn more, place an order or get directions to our showroom, call Narangba Timbers today: (07) 3888 1293.