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How to Decide if Timber Decking is Right for Your Brisbane Garden

Timber decking is extremely popular in Brisbane, but it isn’t right for everyone. So, how do you know if timber decking is right for your home? To us, it’s a matter of whether you have the room and if you are going to benefit from having a timber deck in your garden or as a patio.

Timber decking is the best way we know to extend your living space outdoors without making structural adjustments to your home. It provides a high degree of flexibility, because it can be used for so many purposes. A timber deck can be a children’s play space. It can be used for entertaining, dining, or just kicking back with a book and your favourite beverage.

In contemporary landscaping, one of the newest themes is the “new garden,” where your garden is turned into outdoor living space. This is also known as “alfresco living,” where the outdoors becomes part of your home. We have talked about a timber deck attached to the home as a patio or alfresco living area often, but we haven’t talked as much about just having timber decking throughout your garden to enhance your living area.

In the garden, a timber deck can be used to enhance the living potential if your terrain is sloped, uneven or undulating. In extreme situations, split-level or elevated decks can be used to make the space more fun to live in.

Timber decking provides a comfortable surface for walking or sitting. When done correctly, it can enhance your home’s aesthetic and its integration into nature. On a late summer evening, nothing beats the ambiance of a timber deck. It can also be used to cover up problem areas and turn them into prime living space.

Is Your Home Ready for Timber Decking

So how do you know if timber decking is right for your garden? Ask yourself one question: are you satisfied with your garden right now? Could it be improved by some timber decking? Would timber decking make your home better-looking and provide you with more joy on a daily basis?

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