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Inspired home design doesn’t have to be difficult. Sometimes it’s as simple as a new hardwood floor. And knowing what colours to choose, or which mix of colours to use, can be the difference between what everyone else is doing and something special.

Perhaps you’re looking to spruce up that living room with a bit of brightness? Maybe you have a studio you retreat to for inspiration? How about considering the amount of time you stare at your office floor before getting started on that next project?

We Deliver Timber Flooring All the Way to the Sunshine CoastAdding a little creative design through the use of multiple colours can really increase the effect your flooring will have on your mood. Instead of a room you have to use, it’ll be a room you want to use. So what should you consider when using multiple timber flooring colours in one room or across contiguous rooms and open spaces?

1. Be intentional

If you do decide to lay floors with multiple colours or even one room with various flooring colours, be intentional in your design and content with the outcome. Select wood choices that fit together well but show enough transition to know where one room or part of a room ends and another starts. The only wondering you want your guests to have is why they didn’t do something as amazing first.

2. Use contrasting colours

One of the best ways to be intentional and ensure strong transitions in your flooring design is to choose contrasting colours. Say you have two contiguous yet doorless rooms. Using New Guinea Teak with its blonde colour will look stunning opposed to say a red Ironbark or darker brown flooring such as Merbau (also known as Kwila) in the other room. Without some obvious transition between the rooms, using two similar colours such as blondes New Guinea Teak and Blackbutt timbers won’t really work.

3. Mix shades

Picking two similar shades to be interspersed throughout a room is often a great way to add colour and creativity. You could just lay the entire floor with a beautiful red Ironbark timber, but what if you added a pink Kapur to the mix? Different shades can create a highlight like no other, giving you a one-of-a-kind layout in your room or across rooms.

4. Consider furnishings

Keep in mind the colours and designs of the furniture that will accentuate these rooms when choosing flooring. What goes on the floor will either blend well or be discordant in contrast (perhaps that’s the look you want!). Flooring colours can’t be picked in isolation unless your next step after the floor is to redecorate with all new furniture. Even then, having an idea of what you want the overall effect of the room to be is a must as you pick colours.

5. Be unique in design

Want something totally unique? Be bold. Be creative. If you’re investing in good hardwood floors, then you won’t be replacing them soon. Got an idea you want to try? Go for it! Build in that chess board pattern or design a large inlay such as a centre circle in a lighter colour (perhaps a mixed colour Spotted Gum) while the remaining floor is laid out in a darker colour such as Kwila.

Whatever you decide, Narangba Timbers has the right flooring options for you as well as top professional staff to help you in your design and layout needs. Contact Narangba Timbers today.