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How to Choose the Right Timber for Your Deck

Installing decking in Brisbane or Sydney? Choosing the wrong timber can be costly. Here’s how to do it right.

Whether it’s a porch, a gazebo or a garden, choosing the right decking timber for our Australian climate is essential, especially if you want it to look good and last a long time without splintering or cracking. Luckily, at Narangba Timbers, we can put the choice on “autopilot” for you. Our professionals can always recommend the right timber for your project because we have years of experience.

Why is the choice of decking timber so important? Because it will be outdoors and subject to whatever the Australian climate can throw at it. As you know, this can be a lot of extreme conditions. As in any climate, the most consistent way to ensure that you are making the right choice is to select a variety of timber that is native to the area.

At Narangba Timbers, we carry many different varieties of Australian hardwood. Most of them will work fine for general purposes, but we like three in particular: merbau (also called kwila), blackbutt and spotted gum. It really is a matter of personal preference, though. Here are some considerations when choosing.


Especially for decking, you want timber that is strong and durable. One reason that we like kwila is that it is so strong it is used to build boats. If it can survive in the ocean, it can usually take whatever wear and tear a family can subject it to.


The better quality timber, the better quality deck and the longer it will last. This is why we like Australian hardwood over imported woods.


When timber species are of equal strength and quality, it comes down to appearance. This is where your personal taste will come in. A wood like kwila looks great with a clear, natural finish while some look better after applying stain.

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