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If you are looking for timber fencing in the Brisbane area, you may notice there is a lot of CCA treated timber. You may have heard a lot of negative publicity about CCA, but CCA is still the most effective way to protect hardwood or softwood from termites, borers and severe decay from bacteria or fungus.

What is CCA?

CCA stands for Chromated Copper Arsenate, which is also referred to as Copper, Chrome and Arsenic. CCA was originally formulated to protect timber from insects, wood fungus, wood rot and general decay. CCA was so successful at treating timber that it was used for a lot of different applications.

Why CCA Treated Timber is the Gold Standard for Timber Fencing

However, the scientific community found that CCA could be dangerous to both the environment and to us if used in the wrong situations. The possibility of arsenic bleeding onto the hands of people who touch it, especially children, or into the environment has been an item of great concern. Arsenic and chromium have both been linked to cancer.

Many have suggested just using the copper and the chromium to kill termites, but the arsenic is most efficient at killing fungus that is resistant to copper.

Why CCA is Considered Safe for Timber Fencing

CCA is considered safe for timber fencing because people don’t touch timber fencing often. Also, the bleeding of arsenic into the environment from a timber fence post has been found to be at levels which are lower than the natural amount of arsenic in the soil.

CCA is by far the most efficient way to protect fencing especially the posts from decay. For those who have children, it is recommended that they use a paint system that is strong enough to cover the CCA and keep it from bleeding out of the timber.

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