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CCA Treated Pine is the most popular timber for fencing in Brisbane and across Australia. CCA, which stands for “Chromated Copper Arsenate,” is the most popular timber preservative in the world. However, due to the “A” in CCA standing for “arsenic,” CCA has been severely regulated in Australia and many countries across the world.

CCA has been around since the mid-1930’s. It combines chromium, copper and arsenic. The chromium is an inert ingredient that helps the compound bond with timber. The copper protects timber against rotting from bacteria and fungi. The arsenic acts as an insecticide, protecting timber from termites and marine borers. CCA also helps paint stick to the timber and protects it from degradation due to weather exposure.

Timber Fencing with CCA Treated Pine

Is CCA Safe?

The main concern is that the arsenic can leach out of the timber and have a toxic effect on humans and animals. Arsenic is found in small amounts in your water, food and soil but is poisonous if you ingest too much. However, leaching has been proven to be much lower than originally thought: 0.5 ppm for fence poles or up to 14 ppm when used in garden beds.

Even after 45 years, soil contamination by arsenic from CCA treated timber is minimal. Most chemicals that do leach from timber tend to bond with the soil particles.

The most serious risk from CCA Treated Pine is when it is burned and the smoke is inhaled. It is crucial not to ever use CCA Treated Pine in a combined space or for BBQ. The most contamination from CCA Treated Pine is when scrap is burned on construction sites.

Timber Fencing Only in Brisbane

For the sake of safety, CCA timber is used mostly for timber fencing in Brisbane. As long as you don’t burn it, CCA Treated Pine is safe, inexpensive and durable.

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