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CCA Treated Hardwood Sleepers DIY Garden Design

A well-designed garden can make your home the envy of your neighbours and friends whilst adding $$$ to the resale value of your property if you are planning to move.

Any "property makeover" worth its salt includes a focus on the garden as well as work on the house itself.

Timber Sleepers - The Great Looking and Low Cost Choice

Whether you are creating a retaining wall, dividing your garden into sections, creating a perimeter around your pergola or outdoor entertainment area or edging your garden beds timber sleepers are a relatively low cost and quick alternative to stone or brick.

Timber sleepers are also most effective when you are creating a look that meshes closely with your plants and trees, be they native or exotic.

In fact, timber sleepers have been the most common choice for the home handyman / avid gardener over the years due in part to the relatively low level of experience required to plan and build most structures.

CCA Hardwood Sleepers - Flexibility and Long Lasting

CCA treatment on your hardwood sleepers protects them from decay due to fungal and insect attack thus extending the life of your structure for many years.

CCA stands for Copper Chrome and Arsenic (CCA). This is a chemical mixture that protects the treated sleepers from both rot (fungal attack) and insects (termites).

If you are retaining a vegetable patch or children's play area then you may want to consider ACQ treated timber sleepers instead.

Narangba Timbers Treated Hardwood Sleepers

Narangba Timbers’ CCA hardwood sleepers are available in various sizes to suit your outdoor projects.