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Caring for Red Ironbark Timber Floors and Handrails

You love your beautiful new red ironbark timber floor and handrails, and with the proper care and maintenance, you can enjoy them for years.

Red ironbark is one of the hardest timber species available worldwide and thus it is very durable. Taking care of your new timber floor is easy if you follow these five basic guidelines.

  • On a newly finished floor the hardening process can take up to two weeks and during this time it is best to stay off the floor as much as possible. Delay the addition of furniture and rugs or keep it very minimal.
  • Make sure all your furniture has felt pad protectors on the bottom to minimise scratching. Rugs and mats should be placed in high use areas and just inside and outside of the doors. Dirt and sand can be like sandpaper on the floor and the rugs help to minimise this while adding to the overall design.
  • Sunlight can also be damaging to floors and the strategic addition of shades and curtains can help to deter any damage to the floor from fading or colour change.
  • To keep your new floors in the best shape use an anti-static mop to collect and remove dirt and sand. Vacuum bristles can be too hard on floors, so care must be taken. Steam cleaning is not recommended.
  • Monthly damp mopping with a recommended floor cleaner is ideal, or in heavily trafficked areas, more frequently may be necessary. Stay vigilant and watch for water spills and leaks because they can cause damage if not swiftly mopped up. Special cleaners are available to treat difficult scuff marks and stains, but always follow the guidance of the coating manufacturer. Handrails can be periodically wiped with a gentle cleansing agent as needed.

Enjoy the unique beauty of your easy care red ironwood natural timber floor. It is an Australian beauty that draws the outside world into your home and is a daily inspiration. If you have any questions about caring for your new red ironwood timber floor and handrails, contact the experts at Narangba Timbers.