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Timber decking suppliers in Brisbane say it’s possible to build a timber deck in one weekend with the right planning.

Can you build a do it yourself timber deck in one weekend? Believe it or not, it is possible with the right planning. It has been done by a few of our customers over the years. It takes a lot of labour hours and a lot of materials are needed, but this can all be done if you have friends who are handy enough to help.

Do It Yourself Timber Decking Brisbane

So, how does someone complete a deck in one weekend? The trick is to get all of the planning done and the materials delivered first. If you are totally prepared, you can build a deck in one weekend, even if you have to do it alone. You are going to do all of the organisational and mental work before you start building. Then you will do all of the physical work in one weekend. That is the short version. Here are the details.


You will start by figuring out what kind of a deck you want to build. For a one-main DIY deck, you are going to want to keep it simple. Start with a simple deck and add on later if you want to make it more ornate. Just make sure you get the basics done so you have a functional deck after one weekend of work.

Once you know what you want, look online for free deck plans. If you can’t find free plans online, you will be able to find paid plans. They will not only provide the plan, but a materials list that contains every piece of material: every board, nut, bolt, screw and bracket.

Decide what timber you would like to use. We recommend Merbau, but there are plenty of other materials you can use according to your preference. If you want to see how different timbers look, come in to Narangba Timbers and look at our display deck. Once you understand the plans and know what timber you would like to use, it’s time to order the materials.

Call a timber supplier such as Narangba Timbers, especially if you are in our delivery area, which extends north, south and west of Brisbane. If you are reading this from across the country, we will forgive you for calling a different supplier. Whichever the case, have your materials delivered to your home with a day or two to sort them out if you need to.

Preparing the Site

The next step for getting prepared is to get the location ready. Stake out the deck with twine and dig the post holes. This can also be done before materials arrive if you wish.

Power Tools Only

Make sure you have power tools for everything you are going to do. This will be demanding enough without using hand tools and tiring yourself out. At the very least, you will need a circular saw and a nail gun.

While you can do this yourself, we heartily recommend that you invite your friends over to help. Make it a festive occasion. Make sure they are well fed and there are plenty of soft drinks and coffee, but let the beer wait until work is finished. Encourage your friends to bring their power tools, too.

Doing It

So, it’s Saturday. You have the plans, you have the site staked out and the post holes dug. You have a friend or two or three with power tools who are ready to help. You have your own power tools. It’s time to get to work.

Make sure not to hurry because this can lead to mistakes. If everything is done right and according to the plans, your deck should be finished by late Sunday afternoon, leaving plenty of time to relax with some cold beverages.

Good Luck

We wish you success and timely completion. We hope it goes smoothly and that you build a beautiful deck that provides years of relaxation.

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