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Your Timber Flooring Aesthetic

The Wide Range Available

Timber is an amazing choice for flooring as it offers a variety of finishes and styles which will complement your home no matter your aesthetic.

This is because of the range of colours, designs, and textures available with timber flooring. This makes it easy for you to find a style of timber flooring that fits your personal tastes.

In addition to the types of timber you can choose, there is also a variety of stained finishes that can be added to alter the style of your flooring. Timber flooring provides so many options, meaning you are left with a wide range of styles that can be explored when deciding how you want your timber flooring to look.

Choosing an appearance, style and finish

Timber flooring is durable and long-lasting, which is why it’s important to choose a style you love.

Softwood and hardwood

Both softwood and hardwood options are available for timber flooring, which is something to consider before choosing a style. Softwood is easier to work with while hardwood is more resistant and durable, something which can be especially handy with the wild QLD weather we often face. Alternatively, though, softwood is less expensive than hardwood.

Whether soft or hardwood, flooring timber can be made of wide or narrow pieces of timber. We recommend narrow, tongue and groove pieces. They look great and can be easily replaced if you happen to damage a board.

Stained or natural finish

You might like your floor to be extremely smooth and shiny, while others might like timber that is a bit grainier with a lower sheen. All of this will depend on the finish you choose. Depending on the finish you’re after, you can get a natural finish or a stained finish. Either way, this touch can be matched to whichever type of timber you pick.

Tongue and Groove Hardwood

As mentioned, a solid timber floor is usually built of tongue and groove (T&G) hardwood. This is then supported by bearers and joists. We carry a wide variety of T&G hardwoods which come in a variety of styles. Depending on your choice, each timber also has unique additional aspects.

For example, Red Ironbark is one of Australia’s most durable hardwood timbers and comes in rich colours for a refined and classic style, whereas Blackbutt has a straight grain and deep natural blonde colour. Then there is pine, which is readily available thanks to it being easily harvested and processed. Pine also offers a beautiful honey and cream colour with dark grain patterns which provides a unique aesthetic.

Hardwood T&G flooring is the part of the floor that contacts your feet. It is also the part of the floor you will see, which is why it is incredibly important you pick a timber that suits the look and design you are hoping to achieve.

Structural or decorative needs

Depending on the make of your house, you may need to decide between decorative or structurally supportive timber flooring. The majority of homes in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast are designed from variations of the European style, which is why hardwood flooring is preferable. It helps provide part of the home’s structure.

Decorative timber flooring, however, provides no structural support which means support must already be provided. In many cases, the support will be a concrete slab, but in some cases, decorative flooring is placed on top of structural flooring.

Generally, if you are building a new home or an addition to an old home, structural flooring is more appropriate because it can easily and naturally be incorporated into the structure. However, if you are trying to update, modernise or repair the floor of an already built home, then the structural floor is already there, helping make the decision for you on what is needed.

How to choose

If you are struggling to decide what you want for your timber flooring, reach out to the Narangba Timbers team now for assistance. Our team has over 200 years of combined experience in the timber industry and will provide great advice, friendly assistance and the very best prices.

Ready to talk to the experts? Get in touch with the team at Narangba Timbers today.