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We supply a lot of timber fencing and decking to the Brisbane area. In any area classified as a Bushfire Prone Area, covered in Australian Standard AS 3959, you must follow safety regulations to use timber as a building material. This includes but is not limited to: fences, decks, cladding or structural materials.

AS 3959 classifies areas at different bushfire attack levels. As the levels become more severe, so do the restrictions on building with timber. When restrictions apply, timber is permitted on lower levels, but only if the species of timber meets specified criteria. There are two main criteria: areas are either restricted or not restricted.

Building With Timber In Bushfire Prone Area

For Safe Areas

In areas that are deemed safe, there are no restrictions or requirements pertaining to the use of timber. As long as your building meets national, state and local council requirements, there are no further restrictions.

For Bushfire Prone Areas

In areas that are deemed to be bushfire prone, fire-retardant timber is required. While this usually means that a timber must be treated, there are some species that are naturally fire-retardant and may be used without treatment. These include: Merbau, Blackbutt, River Red Gum, Red Ironbark, Spotted Gum, Silvertop Ash and Turpentine.

The Government wants anyone who is building to know that AS 3959 does not replace other regulations, but only adds to them. In other words, if a local council requires all timber to be treated, you may not use one of the seven timbers on the list without treatment.

What This Means to You

The first thing it means is that you need to know whether or not your area is classified as Bushfire Prone. If it is, you must know your Bushfire Attack Level. As for any project, you will also consult your local council and comply with all state and national regulations and standards.

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