At Narangba Timbers, we have supplied timber fencing to homeowners in the Brisbane area since 1972. In that time, we have learned what works and what doesn’t. Here are some tips to help you build timber fencing that lasts as long as you live in your home.

Choose the Best Timber

At Narangba Timbers, we make that easy for you, because it’s all we offer. For the fence posts, we offer CCA Treated Hardwood. This protects your fence posts from rotting when they are in the ground. In a climate such as the one we have in Brisbane, it is important that your posts are fully protected from water, insects, bacteria and fungus.

How to Build Long Lasting Timber Fencing

CCA Treated Hardwood provides the best of both worlds. The timber itself provides some protection and the CCA treatment provides even more. This is the maximum protection that you can possibly have for your fence posts to keep them around for a long time.

Your palings and rails can be made of CCA treated hardwood or CCA treated pine. The hardwood is more difficult to work with, but we recommend it whenever it is practical for you.

Ultimately, the harder and more protected the timber, the longer it will last.

Choose the Best Hardware

Believe it or not, the wrong hardware can shorten the life of your timber fence. The screws must be the right size and the right length so they don’t end up splitting any of your timber or forcing panels out due to expansion and shrinkage.

But most of all, it is important to used galvanised hardware at all times. Hardware that is not galvanised can be compromised by the chemicals used to treat your timber. They can also be compromised by the weather. So it is important to use galvanised hardware.

Best Timber Fencing Materials in Brisbane?

We think we have the best timber fencing materials in Brisbane. Check it out for yourself and find out why. Call us today: (07) 3888 1293.