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What are the Best Designer Timber Decking Products?

As with any decision that affects the interior or exterior of your home, the selection of which timber decking product to use is a combination of style and substance.

Style in the way that the timber decking enhances the design of your existing outdoor entertainment area and substance in the manner in which the product maintains its looks and solidity over time.

As always there are choices to make based upon what you can afford and what is available to match your requirements.

Merbau or Kwila

This timber is a hardwood that is commonly used in outdoor construction, most specifically in timber decking.

Kwila timber decking / Merbau timber decking is known for its durability and it is naturally resistant to splitting or cracking because it is quite an oily timber.

The natural oil in Merbau, Tannin, gives it that added strength protecting Merbau timber from saltwater and rainwater whilst also reducing shrinkage.

Merbau timber decking is a rich orange – brown colour which really comes into it’s own once coated with an exterior timber stain finish.

Merbau timber is very easy to work with and is suitable for professional decking contractors or the home handyman. It also is resistant to rot and insect infestation.

Ironbark Decking

Ironbark is a eucalyptus based timber decking product which is grown naturally or harvested from plantations from Southern Queensland through western parts of NSW through to northern regions of Victoria.

Ironbark timber decking has a natural high resistance to both rot and termite infestation.

It is widely available and recommended for bushfire prone areas.

The colour is deep red once stained, however, can also feature contrasting yellow streaks due to a mixture of the heartwood and the sapwood in individual decking boards.

Spotted Gum Decking

Spotted Gum is predominantly sourced from Eastern Australia and most notably Queensland.

The colour of spotted gum timber decking varies from a dark brown to a lighter brown in colour.

It can feature a wavy grain which gives your decking area a unique finish once stained or polished.

Spotted gum decking is termite resistant and last well in exterior installations requiring minimal maintenance.

Grey Gum Decking

Grey gum is an extremely hard and durable native Australian hardwood timber.

It is sourced on Australia’s east coast from NSW through to southern Queensland.

Grey gum timber decking features a predominantly reddish-brown colour due to the heartwood mixed with the paler sapwood.

The grain of grey gum timber is commonly interlocked showing a coarse but even texture.

Grey gum timber deck is extremely durable and resistant to infestation by termites.