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Australian Softwood Industry Making Changes: What it Means to You

Timber suppliers across Australia are paying close attention to a new agreement between the Forest Products Commission and the WA Government. The parties have combined to produce the Softwood Industry Strategy, which will pump $21 million into establishing new softwood plantations in the next five years.

The Softwood Industry Strategy consists of six cornerstones designed to make Australian softwood among the best and the most abundant in the world:

  • Connection of new plantings with value chain.
  • Enhancement of value via industry-wide certification.
  • Enhanced protection of timber from bushfires.
  • More support for innovation and technology.
  • Downstream integrated value.
  • Better promotion of industry.

We are happy to see WA make a commitment to the growth of the timber industry. Plantation timber is both renewable and recyclable. Both of those features are in high demand in the current marketplace. The Strategy is designed to help lower carbon emissions while providing more investment money and more jobs in forestry and manufacturing of timber-sourced products.

What it Means to You

As the foremost timber suppliers in Brisbane, we have a vested interest in the industry as a whole. We also feel we have a responsibility to leave the environment better than we found it. We like these initiatives because we think they are going to help the business and the environment.

What we would like to see is an abundant supply of Australian timber, whether it’s hardwoods or softwoods. Softwoods are varieties of pine and are used to make treated timber for timber fencing, timber flooring and timber decking. We would like to continue bringing it to you at low, low prices. We think the Softwood Industry Strategy can help us do that.

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