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The Advantages of Using Pine in Timber Projects

For projects such as timber flooring, timber decking, timber fencing and many other projects undertaken by Australian homeowners, there are a lot of advantages to using pine. Pine is classified as a “softwood,” but in reality it is more than sturdy enough for most timber projects. Here are some of the reasons why many people prefer pine to hardwoods.

Aesthetic Considerations

Pine has a blonde colour that can stand alone or with a finish. It has a distinctive grain pattern that is particularly beautiful for timber flooring. It also looks great as timber fencing or as timber flooring.

Easy to Work With

Pine is a bit softer, making it easy to work with. Whether you are using hand tools or power tools, pine is easy to cut, nail or carve. It holds stains and other finishes easily. Pine is so easy to work with that projects tend to finish faster due to ease of construction.

Cost Effective

Pine is so common and easy to harvest that it costs a lot less than many hardwood species. It is strong and durable, especially when used indoors, giving more performance for your money.

Strong and Durable

While pine is classified as a softwood, it is strong and durable enough for a variety of applications. It makes great timber flooring or decking and can handle heavy foot traffic. When used outside, it needs to be treated with CCA or non-toxic ACQ. These treatments make it as resistant to insects and rotting as any hardwood.

Sound Insulation

Pine tends to muffle or insulate sound better than most timbers. If you want timber that absorbs noise and also helps make outside noise softer, pine works extremely well.

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