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Every home could use a dash of nature in it. It’s soothing to the mind and body, for one thing. For another thing, it looks warm and inviting. You can work nature into your home regardless of your interior design scheme: natural elements always fit in. But how can you work nature into your home? Well, there a couple of ideas that, fortunately, you generally only need timber supplies and a little imagination to implement.

Kapur Step Treads

   Step treads are the natural focus of your attention when you’re climbing stairs so it makes sense to pick a nice material such as Kapur for them. Kapur wood makes great stair treads because of the heartwood of Kapur is a cheerful reddish colour which will bring a pleasant warmth to an otherwise bland stairway. It takes stains, polishes, and paints satisfactorily so you can customize the look easily, and it isn’t too hard to work with. The Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries points out that it does well with screws and nails, though predrilling is recommended for the edges.  

Wooden Flooring 

Wooden flooring is warm, durable, and pretty in just about any room. Plus, the flooring is crucial in pulling the look of a room together, so it is a good idea to use a natural material, such as hardwood timbers, that will let your other design elements shine. You have a huge selection of wood types that you can use, from Merbau/Kwila to Teak, and each one contributes something special to the overall look of a room. You can use a dark hardwood in your big, airy living room to give it a cozy feeling, use a light-coloured wood with a neat grain pattern in your small room to give it an airy feeling, or use colourful wood to bring a dash of fun or luxury to a room. The design options are endless when you use Brisbane timber supplies. 

Wall-length Windows

Probably the most direct method of bringing nature into your house is installing big windows on the side of the house so that you can see all the beauty of Queensland’s topography while sitting at home. Plus, the natural light from outside gives everything inside a room a pleasant glow. Charming picture windows brighten up otherwise forbidding-looking rooms, and it gives you a lot of room to play around with window treatments. Fancy valances and jewel-toned curtains can make your room look luxurious and frame the landscape outside. Pretty wooden trims or moulding around the windows can give the whole room a countrified feeling.

If any of these design elements catch your fancy, or you have plans of your own for a DIY timber project, contact Narangba Timbers. We have the supplies you need to add a little nature to your home.