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If you are getting ready to build timber decking in the Brisbane area, you are probably considering a lot of different hardwoods. However, ACQ Treated Pine is becoming a more common option for those building timber decking in Brisbane.

So, why is ACQ Treated Pine becoming popular as a timber decking material in Brisbane? Let’s take a look.

What is ACQ Treated Pine?

Pine is classified as a softwood. However, that doesn’t make it too weak for timber decking and it doesn’t keep it from providing years of enjoyment for those who use it to build their timber decks. Pine has plenty of structural strength and can hold up under heavy use patterns, such as outdoor seating areas in busy restaurants.

Why ACQ Treated Pine Makes Great Timber Decking

ACQ stands for Alkaline Copper Quaternary. It is an alternative treatment for CCA, or Chromated Copper Arsenate. Unlike CCA, ACQ does not contain arsenic and is safe to use as a preservative. It is environmentally friendly and has no reported side effects.

To make a long story short, ACQ is a water-based treatment that helps protect timber against fungi, bacteria, insects and decay. This makes it last a lot longer than it would without treatment. It can also outlast many hardwood species that don’t offer natural protection against timber’s natural enemies.

ACQ Treated Pine provides a unique aesthetic when left clear, but it can also be stained or painted, depending upon your preference. Because it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals, it can be used on decks, underground and even in water. ACQ does provide some protection against water and is a good choice for underwater use.

Best Timber Decking Suppliers in Brisbane

If you are getting ready to build a nice timber deck just in time for warm summer evenings, check out Narangba Timbers. We are a family business that has been serving the Brisbane area since 1972. We carry a full line of high quality hardwoods, softwoods, hardware and supplies to help make your project a success.

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