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Timber suppliers in Brisbane and across Australia are more and more difficult to tell whether or not their timber has been ethically sourced. For four years, we have been at the forefront of the industry-wide movement towards only carrying timber that has been ethically sourced. While some vendors still carry timber that has been obtained from questionable sources, we at Narangba Timbers are proud to continue our tradition of using sustainable timber only.

So, why is unethical forestry a problem and why should you worry about it? When trees are not harvested in a sustainable manner, in which every tree cut is replaced by a new tree, it contributes to global warming. In addition, the wasteland that is left when forests are cut down is not only unsightly but affects all of the animal and plant life in the area.

Timber Suppliers in Brisbane on Accepted Logging Practice

Most of all, many timber and animal species are being threatened by rampant disregard for sustainability and ethics by unscrupulous loggers. Maybe the best example is the current situation of our neighbours in NSW.

How Unethical Forestry has Changed NSW

While we are timber suppliers who do most of our business in Brisbane, the fate of our neighbours in NSW is important to us, as it should be to everyone in Australia. A recent report by The Australia Institute (TAI) indicates that NSW taxpayers have lost more than $78 million over a six year period thanks to the logging of native NSW forests instead of plantations.

The $78 million is the amount of money that the Forestry Corporation of NSW has lost over the last six years. Inexplicably, 95% of their income is derived from logging native forests instead of plantations. According to the author of the TAI report, professionally managed forestry is more efficient than logging native forests and outperforms it at every turn.

In other words, the NSW government is losing money, contributing to global warming and endangering plant and animal species at the same time.

So, how has this affected NSW? The demand for native hardwood is currently falling by 7.4% per year while softwoods are on an upward trend of 2.9%. According to NSW government figures released in its State of the Environment 2015 report, only 9% of NSW is in its natural condition, even though 61% of the state is still covered by native vegetation. In addition, the number of threatened species in NSW is now 999.

Possibly the most disturbing fact of all in the report: forestry of native lands is the main cause of forest canopy loss, almost double the combined total of infrastructure and agriculture. According to Kate Smolski, who is the Nature Conservation Council’s Chief Executive, inappropriate clearing of native vegetation poses the biggest threat to nearly 90% of our native species.

The Most Ethical Timber Suppliers in Brisbane

So, what can you do? On a personal level, the best thing you can do is to always buy ethically sourced timber. At Narangba Timbers, we only sell timber that has been ethically grown and responsibly harvested on timber plantations.

Sustainable timber plantations work on the principle that every tree harvested is replaced by a new tree. Trees store carbon by turning it into timber. As you probably know, the amount of carbon any process releases into the environment is the most reliable measurement of its effect on global warming. Since trees store carbon, they actually have a negative “carbon footprint.”

As the tree matures, its growth rate slows, meaning it stores less and less carbon. Cutting a mature tree and replacing it with a new tree not only ensures the integrity of the timber plantation, it also ensures that the trees keep removing carbon from the environment at a healthy rate.

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At Narangba Timbers, we only offer high quality timber. Due to our buying power and knowledge of the business, we keep our prices low. That means you get high quality, low prices and timber that is helping to fight global warming.

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