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7 Million New Trees to be Planted in NSW

The available stock for timber suppliers in Brisbane and Sydney are showing no signs of getting smaller, thanks to organisations like the Forestry Corporation of NSW. By the time winter is over, more than 7 million pine seedlings will be sent to timber plantations in Walcha, Bathurst, Bombala and Tumut to help restock timber plantations.

The seedlings will come from the Blowering Nursery, located near Tumut. The Blowering Nursery operates under the aegis of the Forestry Corporation. When the seedlings grow into trees, their timber will be used for house frames and various timber products.

While this is a lot of trees, it is really business as usual for the Forestry Corporation of NSW. Every year, the Forestry Corporation replants approximately 300 times the size of Sydney's CBD in new trees to replenish harvested timber. Roughly 85% of the seedlings that are replanted are grown at the Blowering Nursery.

According to Rick Colless, who is the Chair of the NSW Forest Industries Taskforce, the seedlings will eventually be used to create things such as furniture and homes for future generations of Australians.

Mr Colless stated that the staff who work at Blowering Nursery devote a lot of time and energy to ensuring that the seedlings they grow turn into trees capable of providing strong, straight timber by the time they are ready to be harvested, some 30 years from now.

When the operation is at its fastest, as many as 1.7 million seedlings are dispatched from the nursery in a period of two weeks. Nursery Manager Dean Page will see a personal milestone as he will be dispatching his 130 millionth seedling during the coming months.

What it Means to Timber Suppliers in Sydney and Brisbane (And Our Customers)

Everyone who reads this blog knows how committed we are to sustainable timber harvesting and production. We are always glad to hear of places like the Blowering Nursery doing their part to help keep the timber business thriving and sustainable. It bodes well for the future of all Australians.

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