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5 Deck Trends for Your Next Deck Redesign

New year, new deck. It's an exciting year for exterior design, as the going theme seems to be "go bold or go home". This year, you can expect to see a lot of rich-coloured woods, multi-level decks, as well as floating decks.

5 Deck Trends for Your Next Deck Redesign

These upcoming trends are determined to push the boundaries of deck design and bring your home up to date. Here are the top five upcoming deck trends.

Who Said Decks were Exclusive to the Yard?

That's right. Expect to see a major surge of makeshift decks in unusual places, such as rooftops. Although these may not meet the traditional definition of a deck in terms of construction, it won't be uncommon to see rooftop bars adorned in decking with deck furniture as the cherry on top.

Taking it to the Next Level

Multi-level decks, also known as Tiered Decks, are gorgeous, functional, and making their mark in the new year. These are wonderful for those of us who love to lounge outside. Tiered decks are also useful if you have an above ground pool, as you can have one area for BBQing and lounging, and another level for poolside seating.

Two Tones are Better than One

Both interior and exterior design is all about making a statement - and what better way than to shake up the look by contrasting the finish on your rails with the colour of your decking? After all, two tones are better than one.

Go Bold or Go Home

In Pantone's Home + Interior Guide they predict that bold hues ranging from "rich Cappuccino or Chocolate to Spicy Chilli Pepper or Cayenne" will dominate the decorating market. Although this is discussed in their interior guide, there's no reason you can't bring these deep, entrancing colours outdoors to match.

If you're leaning for more of a Cayenne or red tone, a Merbau or Kwila timber may be exactly what you're looking for. Darker Australian Hardwoods come in more of a chocolate or cappuccino colour.

You can also always reach out to one of our timber experts for more information on timber and how to select the perfect type for your deck.

Let it Float

Floating decks, also known as freestanding timber decks, are built atop the ground rather than built off of another structure, as decks typically are. They are sleek, modern, and quite a conversation piece. Bold and minimalistic, it's no surprise that floating decks will take over.

New year, new deck. Decorating is all about making a statement, and what better way than to start with your deck, the heart of your home's exterior.

Keep up with the latest in exterior design trends and more over on our blog. To learn more information about Narangba Timbers, please contact us.