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3 Reasons Why Timber Fencing Increases the Property Value

Fencing can work wonders for your home. It is sort of like to the icing on the take - fencing defines the bounds of your property, adds an element of privacy, and stylises your house.

In the same vein, fencing can really make or break a home. It's important to choose an appropriate, trendy style to boost the value of your property, such as a timber fence. Dull metal fences due to the sun fading the finish can be hard to maintain and quite an eyesore for some.

Timber Fencing Defines Your Property

A timber fence around the perimeter of your home defines where your property ends and begins. It dictates the dimensions of your backyard, allowing your little ones or furry friend to run around without crossing into the neighbour's yard.

angled shot of timber fence with garden bed below

Timber Fencing Gives You Privacy

A tall, solid, timber fence gives you privacy. It allows you to enjoy your yard without a peanut gallery. This element of privacy also increases the safety of your backyard. Your kids and dog can go outside without getting kidnapped or accidentally wandering far away from the property.

Timber Fencing Stylises Your Home

Timber fencing is beautiful and classic. It is available in a wide variety of shades, such as light, medium, dark, and cherry wood - especially if you opt for a hardwood or softwood, instead. Unlike metal fences, which rust or fall victim to wear and tear over the years, timber fencing is far more low maintenance.

Whether you opt for timber, hardwood, or softwood, a wood fence defines your property, increases your privacy, and stylises your home. Ultimately, this boosts the value of your property.

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