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With all the types of timber available, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. If you’re in the market for timber for a home renovation or home improvement project, then Merbau might be the type of timber you’re looking for. It’s also known by its other name, Kwila.

It’s one of the most attractive and durable of hardwoods, and oftentimes the best choice available for any kind of home renovation. Below, you’ll find just a few of the reasons for choosing it over its competitors.

Colour of Merbau Timber

The colour of Merbau timber can vary anywhere from a softer orange-brown to a harder red-brown. It has a unique trait among other timbers of its type; it often contains golden mineral deposits that give it an exotic edge and make it easier to tell apart from any other type of timber. Many consider this aspect of Merbau timber to be a defining, and very eye-pleasing, trait.

Durability of Merbau Timber

Just like any other hardwood, Merbau is excellent for external or structural projects, but don’t underestimate their ability in any other role either. As a Class 1 timber, Merbau is one of the most durable available and is highly resistant to any type of termite infestation. It has an in-ground life expectancy of over 25 years, and can last well beyond even that in ideal circumstances.

Origins of Merbau Timber

Aside from Merbau and Kwila, it has several other names that it’s known by all across the world, such as Intsia bijuga. It can be found in tropical climates, including that of Queensland itself. The Johnstone River and Daintree areas of North Queensland are some of the most active in the world in producing Merbau, and it can be found in other locations all across The Sunshine State.

If you’re interested in using Merbau timber for any of your own projects, then we provide Merbau Timber in numerous sizes and in all of its colour variations. Be sure to select the best size for your project.