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3 Reasons to Choose Hardwood Timber Flooring for Your Home

Natural timber flooring conveys unique beauty and adds warmth to any room in your home.

Australian hardwood timbers account for 25% of the flooring market, and having numerous advantages, it is easy to understand why natural timber flooring continues to gain popularity among homeowners.

1. Versatile Beauty

Australian hardwood is durable, yet aesthetically pleasing. A range of colour options, innate grain patterns, and variation of floorboards' widths can accentuate your home's style.

Australian Blackbutt affords Class 1 durability while presenting pale, blonde colour and straight-running grain which make it ideal for staining.

Alternatively, the highly durable Australian Ironbark presents coarse texture and classy, red colouring.

Yet another Class 1 hardwood, Australian Spotted Gum, presents a variety of colouration ranging from sandy to dark chocolate brown with pink or olive undertones.

You will find a hardwood timber suited for any room's design scheme.

2. Practical Maintenance

Protect your hardwood timber flooring by lying mats atop the flooring in high traffic areas, particularly near doorways.

Placing felt pads beneath mats and beneath furniture will prevent scratches.

Cleaning timber flooring is as simple as using an anti-static mop, soft broom, or vacuum weekly to remove dust and grit.

Spot-clean timber flooring with a damp cloth and mild cleanser.

The type of coating on your hardwood timber flooring will determine ongoing maintenance. Oil-based finishes are prone to scratches however, can be easily patch-coated.

Water and solvent-based polyurethanes are more durable but cannot be patch-coated; the entire floor surface will require re-coating within three to seven years.

Once installed, and with proper maintenance, timber flooring will last nearly 100 years.

3. Environmentally Savvy

Australian hardwoods are obtained from a sustainable resource.

Use of timber flooring helps to mitigate climate change by lowering the emissions of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Carbon emissions from hardwood production are less than 2-tonnes carbon dioxide, compared to 12-tonnes during concrete production and 5-tonnes during ceramic tile production.

Feel confident with your choice of hardwood as an environmental choice that will last a lifetime. Contact Narangba Timbers to select the ideal hardwood timber for your floor.